Event Security Services

We manage tasks from crowd and traffic control to guest support

Event security services are a specialty for the professionals at Manning and Associates Security. We can provide trained event security staff for concerts, sporting events, festivals, weddings, trade shows, company parties, and related public or private functions. We also offer security guards and patrols for covering events that occupy a very large space such as concerts or sporting events.

Our approach to event security

Develop a custom event security plan

We recognize that every event has its own unique requirements. Our first order of business is to gain an understanding of the event and discuss your expectations. We then develop a thorough security plan, including contingency planning, to assure our clients the best possible service. The style and demeanor of our security details are determined by their individual roles and the type of event. Event security for a large wedding generally means well dressed officers, whereas an event with a boisterous crowd would need uniformed officers with a slightly different style of presence.

Manage security tasks that make your event go smoothly

Our event security services can minimize liability risks, while helping to make your event a safe and orderly function. Our event security staff can mitigate the chances for property crimes, public order crimes, and control site access. As part of facilitating an orderly event, our security officers can assume many "non security" roles. Some of these roles are guest service desks, parking lot attendants, ticket takers, door persons, and valet staff.

Protect the event site, equipment and personal property

In addition to the public side of event security, we can provide 24/7 on-site security guards to protect against vandalism, theft of equipment or other assets, and employee or contractor safety. We know that the theft or destruction of an event site can cause the event to be a flop or need to be cancelled. We are here to prevent the crimes and malicious acts that might otherwise dampen event.

Control crowds, pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic

Controlling vehicular and pedestrian traffic makes any event more successful. We offer both security staff and physical elements needed to control traffic. We can provide physical barriers and safety equipment such as orange cones, barricades, lighting, and related security equipment. Our style of presence, meaning dress and attitude, is designed to fit the occasion. Our security personnel can perform as an authoritative force, or congenial guest assistance staff.

The secret to professionally managed event security

Successful event security requires planning and communication. Security equipment that we routinely use for event security are radio communication devices, security cameras, safety vests, and other personal safety equipment. Our security officers are typically uniformed officers, however we can provide security staff that are plain clothes. Plain clothed officers can wear your designated "event staff" attire. We can provide unarmed security officers or contractual armed off-duty police officers (for armed guard needs). Your event staff will have an established chain of command. Security managers will know who to contact for questions or issues.

We encourage you to contact us today to discuss your event security needs. Our security experts can make guide you through pre-event details including making general recommendations, scheduling, providing budgeting and cost information. Our goal is to help you to develop a successful event security plan.

Event Security services for public and private venues

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