Security Services in Atlanta

Manning & Associates Security is one of the top security companies in Atlanta. We offer business security services and personal protection services including security guard services with armed or unarmed guards in uniform or plain clothes officers.

Types of Security Services

Manning and Associates Security, LLC serves local businesses, executives, celebrities and everyday people with needs for a professional security company. Our security consultants can provide expert planning, and management of virtually any efforts to address business security, personal protection services, related safety concerns.

Security Services for Business

We have trained unarmed security guards and contractual armed off-duty police officers (for armed guard needs), event security teams, and security patrols. We also sell and install electronic security equipment and systems including CCTV security cameras, access controls and more. For complex situations we can perform a vulnerability assessment, and a comprehensive security program.

Personal Protection Security Services

Our personal protection services are available to protect individuals, families and groups. Security options basically range from bodyguard services and executive protection services to security teams for estate protection. To address concerns for long term security improvements we offer security camera systems, security lighting, and related security equipment.

Why Hire a Security Service Company?

The current risks of crimes by everyday criminals, gangs or terrorists is a clear and present danger. Potentially, any individual or business might be a target for financial gain, or a target for violence stemming from hate or revenge.

Our security professionals participate in ongoing training and development. Training is based on actual case studies, hypothetical situations and self defense skills training. Our personnel are trained to manage routine matters, deal with emergency situations, protect people and property.

Hiring Manning and Associates Security is a prudent step to mitigate the possibility of harm to persons, equipment or your business operations. We encourage you to use our online form, or call our office between 8:00 a.m and 5:00 p.m. EST regarding your needs for a professional security company in Atlanta. You will be able to speak with an experienced security consultant. Your security consultant can evaluate your risks and make appropriate recommendations to improve your safety. Your consultant can also provide a free phone consultation for any of our security services or equipment.

We can respond quickly to common needs such as requests for security guards. Specialized personal protection typically requires longer lead times to organize. For example, effective executive protection services require time for planning, staffing, security team briefing and the acquisition of assets.

In every situation, we will make every reasonable effort to respond quickly while not sacrificing the critical need for serious, effective and thorough protection.

When you're ready, and before it's too late, give us a call at 770-801-9101.

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Security Guards

Trained, licensed contractual armed off-duty police officer and unarmed security guards (uniformed or plain clothes)
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Atlanta Security Patrols

Security Patrols

Mobile security patrols and foot patrol officers for industrial parks, construction sites, shopping centers, and more.
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Atlanta Event Security

Event Security

Event security services for guest services, controlling crowds, and managing pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
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CCTV security camera and access controls

Security Systems

Sales and installation of CCTV security camera systems, access control systems and digital surveillance equipment.
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