Estate Security

Protecting homes, real property and families

Estate Security services encompass all facets of protecting an individual, their family and personal property including animals, structures, land and possessions. Our purpose is to provide the level of security and protection that affords our clients with total peace of mind about where they live.

Our estate security professionals can maintain a very high level presence in and around your property, or assume a lower profile with minimal intrusion upon your lifestyle. From off site video surveillance or perimeter security to live-in security personnel and contractual off-duty police officers providing armed security details we can provide complete estate security and personal protection.

Our estate security professionals can also train your staff, service personnel, family and associates on proper security protocol. This process also helps our security personnel to better serve you. It allows them to personally know the people that are authorized to access our clients.

Perimeter security for outdoors

Perimeter security is perhaps the most vital facet of estate security. Being able to monitor, guard and control the physical property boundaries insures a low threat level, and provides the greatest sense of privacy and safety. As estate security professionals, we are aware of the need to integrate all>security equipment and personnel into the estate's environment with minimal intrusion or disruption. The level of security required is the greatest factor in how well this can be achieved. The utilization of CCTV cameras, intrusion alarms, motion sensors, security lighting, access control panels and the number and type of personnel are all carefully considered and matched to provide an optimal level of security.

Interior security for living areas

Interior security requires a high level of attention to detail, and provides the most sensitive type of estate protection and security. Our interior security services can include security consulting to provide a vulnerability assessment to identify potential weak spots in physical barriers, critical systems such as phone, electrical and water, and related elements. Additional interior security services include live-in security professionals, personal body guards, electronic sweeps (debugging), safe rooms, CCTV cameras, monitoring stations, safes, shredders, access control systems, emergency power systems, and more.

We invite you to call us or contact us online to speak with a senior estate security professional to discuss your needs, and learn more about our estate security services. We are confident that you will soon understand why we are a leading estate security company in Atlanta.

Protecting homes, families with a low profile presence

Estate security services for protecting homes, families and private property.