Vulnerability Assessment

Our security consultants identify risks and develop solutions

A vulnerabilty assessment could very well save your business or employees from a tragic event. Security is no longer just for large companies. Businesses of all sizes, as well as high profile individuals, all have some level of risks from attacks. From attacks on executives or staff, to property destruction and cyber crime, any day could bring havoc to your operations. Taking action to complete a vulnerability assessment is a very prudent measure towards protecting your business.

Physical vulnerability assessments

Physical threats are generally divided into potential threats to a person, and potential threats to physical property. The risk of personal attack to high profile persons includes assassination, brutal assault, bizarre encounters with stalkers, and kidnapping of the person or their family members. The level of risk varies depending upon personal awareness, active security measures, personal habits and behaviors, location and other variable factors. These threats require estate protection and dignitary security services.

Some level of security and safety risks to people are always present. From assaults in parking garages to workplace violence and terrorist attacks the risks are very real. These risks can be mitigated by developing an action plan with proactive steps to improve security. While you can insure your property, the value of human life is beyone monetary value. We can develop comprehensive plans for infrastructure, behaviors and procedures that lower security risks for people.

The risk of attack to physical property may include random vandalism, planned vandalism by activists, looting, arson, terrorist assaults, and natural disasters. Our vulnerability assessment professionals have an educated and unique view of a situation. This experience and training enables them to notice things that most people would never consider, or be unsure how to handle.

Finding solutions for your security risks

We invite you to call us today or contact us online to discuss your situation, and learn more about how you can benefit from a professional security vulnerability assessment and analysis. As a full service security and protection company we can not only identify potential security threats, but we can also make sound recommendations, and provide the services and equipment to resolve the potential risks or threats. Our security consultants can make recommendations on security manpower needs for security guards, security systems and equipment.